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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Top 5 Free Screen Recording Softwares For Windows

Screen recording can be useful when you need to record a how-to video to help someone learn how to use a program, record a game walkthrough, or prepare for a presentationRecord here means you can create a video of whatever you are doing on your desktop, save the recording as a video file and send it to a friend or upload it on YouTube.
We’ve featured screen capturing tools before, and you know a few ways to take screenshots on your computer. For something more than just a still image, here are 8 free screen recording programs that will help you record every action you make on your Windows desktop.
Free programs at times come with drawbacks or limitations, and watermarks are common in many free screen recording softwares. However, the following list of programs has been tested to not have any watermarks and can export to a file format recognizable to most video editing softwares.
1. Ezvid
Ezvid is a screen recorder program that comes with an in-built video editor where you can split your recordings and add text in between two clips, creating aslideshow effect. There is no way to export the video you recorded. However, you can upload the video to YouTube through the program itself.

For gamers, there’s an option to enable ‘Gaming mode’ where it records the windowed mode of your game. The program comes with a few music clips. However if you decide to have no music, it will be replaced with a ‘Silent machine’ which sounds like a small fan from a computer. You can add in other pictures and video clips, as well as add in your voice after you’re done editing your clip.
2. BlueBerry FlashBack Express Recorder
BB (short for BlueBerry) FlashBack Express Recorder lets you use your webcam to record yourself while recording the activities that are happening on your desktop. After you have stopped recording, it creates an FBR file which can be edited with its packaged video editor.

If you did not enable your webcam, you can skip the video editor program and export it to the AVI file format right away. Otherwise, you can use the software to position and resize your webcam box before exporting it. Although it requires you to register (for a free account) after 30 days of usage, it still provides you with all of its functions before you register.
3. Screenr
Screenr is an interesting way to share a screencast (recording of your screen) online without installing a program on your computer; it requires Java to work. You select an area on your screen which you want to record (max: 5 minutes). All recordings are saved into your account.

After recording you’ll be given a link which you can share. You can also export your video to MP4 or upload it on YouTube.
Screenr also provides a bookmarklet so you can record without going to the website. Register with your Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo or Windows Live account in order to use Screenr for free.
4. Rylstim Screen Recorder
Rylstim just records your screen after you hit the ‘Start Record’ button. This will be useful for people who do not want to configure anything and just want a basic recorder. This program does not record sound from input devices like a microphone.

The only options available determine if you want to show your left or right mouse button clicks in the video. If you enable the mouse click options, a red ripple will appear at your cursor when you left click and a green ripple appears for right clicks. This mouse click ripple effect will only be visible when you view your recording.
5. CamStudio
CamStudio comes equipped with many options to tweak the way it records. There are options to enable or disable your mouse cursor, record sounds from programs or a microphone (or have no sound at all) and the option to enable custom screen annotations.

Here’s more!

Webinaria is another easy-to-use screen recording software with basic options for your recording needs. It can record your entire screen, a program window or a custom selection. You can choose from 3 frame rate options; 5, 10 and 15 FPS (frames per second).

Videos are produced in AVI file format. If you were using Google Chrome before running Webinaria, Google Chrome will be detected as the program window for recording.
DVDVideoSoft Free Screen Video Recorder
This program has a simple user interface carrying 9 icons. The first 4 is for screen capturing, the next 4 handles screen recording and the last icon opens the options of the program. It also exports its video to an AVI file format. What’s good about this program is its automatic file naming options.

It gives you options to include the specific date and time in the filename of your recorded video. Users who need to keep track of many screen recordings back to back will find this automatic file naming option useful.
Krut Computer Recorder
Krut does not require installation but uses Java to run. After downloading, you’ll have a folder where you have to run the ‘KRUT.jar’ file to get started. The capture area and recording frames per second can be set by the user.

There is an option called ‘Follow Mouse’ where it captures the area around your mouse, wherever it moves to. When using the ‘Follow Mouse’ feature, you can enable preview mode to see the captured area as you record. This program outputs to three types of files: the WAV file only has the audio recorded, while of the two MOV files; one has no audio and the other has both audio and video of the recording.

You can also choose to record a particular area on your screen or a program window so that the rest of your desktop isn’t showing on the recording. It can record at different frame rate speeds; for example 1 FPS (frames per second)to create a time lapse video effect, or 30 FPS for a smooth video.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Former US Secret Service agent may have stolen bitcoins

Former US Secret Service agent may have stolen bitcoins

A Secret Service agent who stole money seized by the government in the investigation of underground drug bazaar Silk Road is now suspected of stealing money in at least two other cases, according to court filings unsealed on Thursday. In the larger of those cases, he is thought to have been behind the theft of about $700,000 worth of Bitcoin from a Secret Service account three months after the agency was urged to block his access, the documents say.
Former agent Shaun Bridges pleaded guilty last year and was sentenced in December to nearly six years in prison for stealing more than $800,000 of the crypto currency Bitcoin during the Silk Road investigation. According to an affidavit unsealed Thursday, the Justice Department learned in April 2015 that Bridges might have kept a private cryptographic key giving him access to a Bitcoin wallet with the $700,000 in currency that the Silk Road task force had seized in 2014. The department urged the agency to move the funds elsewhere.
“Unfortunately, the U.S. Secret Service did not do so and the funds were thereafter stolen, something the U.S, Secret Service only discovered once it was ordered by a court to pay a portion of the seizure back to affected claimants,” a team of prosecutors wrote in an accompanying motion. The Bitcoin in question was moved in July 2015 but only discovered missing in December, the affidavit said.
The Secret Service and Bridges’ attorney Steven Levin declined to comment. In the previous case, Bridges admitted he stole money from Silk Road accounts and framed someone else for it, leading Silk Road chief Ross Ulbricht to plan a murder. Ulbricht is now serving a life sentence.

Updated, 4K-capable Sony PlayStation Neo to ship this year: Report

Updated, 4K-capable Sony PlayStation Neo to ship this year: Report

Sony confirmed that they were indeed working on the PlayStation Neo, a more powerful, 4K-capable alternative to the PlayStation 4. It’s now come to light that the console will actually ship this year.
Various sources have reportedly informed EuroGamer that the updated console is slated for launch this year.
The current generation consoles are at something of a cross-roads. The Xbox One is flailing about and managing to stay afloat while the PS4 is surging further and further ahead in terms of sales.
However, with AMD’s introduction of a new micro-architecture, they’re going to be phasing out older manufacturing techniques, giving Sony and Microsoft a chance to either revamp their console architecture or stick to their ways, at a higher cost.
Sony and Microsoft decided to go with the revamp option. Sony officially confirmed that the Neo is coming this year and Microsoft’s new console, Project Scorpio, is coming in “Holiday 2017.” Both consoles claim to support 4K gaming, but it’s possible that Microsoft will have the more powerful console. At E3, Microsoft boasted that their console will offer 6 teraflops of performance.
Nobody actually knows for a fact if the PlayStation Neo is going to be more or less powerful than the Xbox One, but it will be the console that’s first to market and will probably ship alongside the PlayStation VR headset.
In the long term, it’ll be interesting to see how this decision will impact Sony and Microsoft, especially as Microsoft will have a very good chance to observe the Neo in action, gauge response and adapt accordingly.
Current owners of the PS4 and Xbox One need not worry for Sony and Microsoft have insisted that the current platforms will not be alienated by the introduction of the new hardware.

Underground DLC: Procedurally generated levels come to The Division

Underground DLC: Procedurally generated levels come to The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division got its first paid DLC release earlier this week, featuring some much-needed endgame content. Underground is a PC and Xbox One timed exclusive presently, with PS4 players (the bulk of the game’s player base) gaining access to the DLC in a month’s time. As a PC player of The Division, I’ve been able to take full advantage of the hardware at my disposal, and have been lucky enough to play the best looking version of the game. However, the game has seen a shocking fall in the number of active players since the game’s launch. Underground promises a slew of new content and gear, but will it be enough to bring players back to The Division?

You begin with an above-ground transitional mission. Once you’ve returned to your HQ after beating it, a new door opens next to the Rewards Claim Vendor to a new social place called “The Terminal.” From The Terminal, you will be able to access Underground missions; randomly generated urban dungeons with varying backdrops and visual styles. These dungeons are akin to Diablo 3’s Rifts, but I would imagine the algorithms required to generate them (given the game’s visual fidelity), are substantially more complex. It’s a great technical achievement, but there appear to be some downsides.
The Division Underground DLC (1)

The Division never ceases to impress from a graphics standpoint, and while all Underground missions can look great (particularly on PC), the mix of outdoor and indoor environments which broke the monotony of the other is absent. Underground missions are designed to be played co-operatively, be it using the game’s matchmaking system or with pre-made groups. All the missions are no-respawn areas, so a death while playing solo will result in the loss of progress (no XP gained is retained on death). Jump in with a party for those clutch revives and get the most out of grinding for XP and loot in these spaces.
The Division Underground DLC (2)
Missions can be played in varying degrees of difficulty (“cakewalk” to “heroic”), with the ability to add unlocked modifiers such as no radar, ammo restrictions or giving enemies special ammo. While this adds a fair bit of replayability to the content, in the end, it also means revisiting The Division’s core issues of bullet-absorbing enemies, rushing shotgunners and the fundamentally incongruous coming together of RPG and modern day shooter. The rewards? Gear sets and weapons, of course. If you’re not interesting in wasting precious time in the game’s Dark Zone, the variety of Underground’s dungeons could offer an alternative method to acquire the game’s best gear.
The Division Underground DLC (3)
A new “heroic” mode and new challenge mode missions have been added as “free” updates as well, with Incursions and Challenge mode missions sporting this additional difficulty level. Hudson Refugee Camp and Queen’s Tunnel Camp can now be experience as a challenge mode mission with better rewards as well.
The Division Underground DLC (4)
Underground also adds a new Incursion (the game’s take on MMO Raids), called the “Dragon’s Nest.” If the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, you’ll be fighting The Division’s fiery foes, the Cleaners. They’ve got some new toys this time around, one of which is an annoying incendiary RC car of doom, which are driven directly into players, causing an area-of-effect fire explosion. Players will also have to deal with “The Four Horsemen,” the game’s most “formidable foes” according to the marketing material.
So far, The Division has never been mechanically heavy in terms of its fights, with the game peaking in terms of complexity with “defend” sections where you’ll have to hold down a point, turning a valve or two while fighting off waves of enemies. The final fight in Dragon’s Nest changes this for the better by introducing coordinated button-pushing, followed by mandatory repositioning, to The Division.
There was always going to be a dedicated fan base, given both the hype leading up to The Division’s launch as well as those players who simply love the “grind” aspect of games like Destiny, MMORPGs or Diablo. The Division personifies this grind and Underground adds a fair bit of variety to it, thanks to its procedurally generated levels and rewards like gear sets and high-end weapons. For those players who enjoyed the story content, gunplay and immersive visuals of vanilla Division, Underground offers something different—a single playthrough on even lower difficulty with some friends can be a fun, occasionally challenging experience. However, there’s nothing here for players who fundamentally disliked the base game or were uninterested in its premise.

Here’s why the Apple iPhone 8 is a bigger deal than the upcoming iPhone 7

Here’s why the Apple iPhone 8 is a bigger deal than the upcoming iPhone 7

First, let’s clear things up. I own an iPhone 6 Plus, which will soon be two years old at the launch of the upcoming iPhone 7 expected to take place this September. That said, I’m eager to know what’s in store for me, since I also happen to be a victim of Apple’s transition to better hardware. I own a device that sports 1GB RAM, while the current standard (thanks to the iPhone SE) is 2GB. This meant that my iPhone felt a lot slower within a year instead of typical two years for Apple devices. Owners of the Apple iPad Air and the iPad mini (1st gen.) will also feel the same way. I’m also excited about the iPhone 8, but not so much when it comes to the iPhone 7. Here’s why.
Those like me, waiting for a worthy upgrade (along with the fear of not being able to future-proof ourselves) will indeed be looking up to the iPhone 8 because the iPhone 7 will still pack in the same stuff in terms of hardware. We can expect an Apple A10 with a massive processing jump but for now we aren’t really sure if the shift from 14/16nm to 10nm (with multi-threading) is really necessary. The A9 for now seems fast enough to take on those benchmarks and certainly fast enough for iOS. With that said, the iPhone 8 that is expected to pack in some form of VR goodness, will.
The iPhone 7 (along with the 7 Plus or the Pro) is expected to pack in the same old TFT LCD tech for its displays. Frankly, speaking LCD displays are getting a bit too old. OLED seems to be catching up and the S-AMOLED displays on the Samsung S7 edge and the OnePlus 3 are proof of this. They are brighter, more energy efficient (meaning better battery life) and showcase a lot more depth. Like it or not the iPhone 7’s display will look a bit too old and this will be hard for Apple to explain since there won’t be a bump up in the resolution either.
With the iPhone 8, analysts and patents indicate that Apple may go for a flexible OLED display. One that is expected wrap around the corners of the smartphone getting rid of the volume buttons as well. It will certainly be a breathtaking sight to see the smartphone in the flesh. But Samsung with its project valley smartphone is expected to steal the show way before the iPhone 8 gets announced.
Apple is also said to be working on mLED or micro LED technology for its Watch displays. These are said to be a lot more efficient than the ones in its current Apple Watch range. So far the Cupertino Giant is the only one to be working on this technology, so we may see the same appear on Apple devices to come. But there is no ways that it can make it on a smartphone yet, as they are simply too expensive to produce at the moment. What we can expect with the iPhone 7 is a glare-free, anti-reflective screen something on the lines of what Corning displayed back in 2014, but has not gone mainstream yet.
Image: GSMArena
Image: GSMArena
As of today, we all do know that the iPhone 7 series will once again look similar to the iPhone 6 devices. The only expected difference will be missing antenna bands on the back that will be thicker but move towards the edges of the device instead of passing through the top and bottom ends. Add to this the a missing headphone jack at the bottom with the addition of another speaker something that has been common in all the leaks we have seen so far.
Image: USPTO
Image: USPTO image shows an iPhone patent that Apple applied for back in 2011.
The iPhone 8 on the other hand is expected to break the standard two year design refresh that we have seen from the company in the past years. The iPhone 8 is expected to look like a single sheet of glass and is expected to skip on the metal for its external appearance. It will be the much needed design break that should skip on the thick antenna bands that have been plaguing iPhone models since the 6.
And a refresh is needed indeed. This is because Apple’s iPhone will soon be running out of steam. Sales are expected to take a dip with the iPhone 7 itself and one of the reasons for the same will be the same reason you are reading this article, news about the iPhone 8. Apple seems to lagging behind in terms of new designs in the past few years. While the iPhone 6 was not received too well, people eventually adapted to its rounded design.
Add to this the lazy move of launching a very uninspiring product in the form of the iPhone SE, which was basically an iPhone 6 in the body of an iPhone 5 minus 3D Touch. The pricing of the same was not too impressive either, especially in India, where taxes and import duties bloat up the prices by quite a margin. Somehow we wish that Apple brought the iPhone 8 this year instead of the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 will be another a transition device with little or no innovation (wireless audio really?) that may force Apple to launch another smaller iPhone SE mid-way next year, to make up for lost profits.

Barack Obama urges Congress to pass Zika prevention bill

Washington: President Barack Obama says a vaccine for the Zika virus could be developed in "fairly short order" if Congress acts quickly to pass a bill to prevent the spread of the disease.
US President Barack Obama. AP

Obama says researchers are beginning to develop and test a vaccine for the mosquito-borne virus. He says that if the effort is well funded he's "fairly confident" an effective vaccine could be developed before the virus spreads to the continental US.
Obama made the remarks today after being briefed by top health officials at the White House.
The president is trying to pressure Congress to pass a Zika-prevention bill that has been stalled for weeks. He criticised lawmakers for "playing politics" with public health.
He says lawmakers should not take their summer recess before passing a bill.

Uttarakhand cloudburst: 22 killed as heavy rains lashed Chamoli district

Dehradun: At least 22 people were killed following cloudburst and landslides as heavy rains lashed Pithoragarh and Chamoli districts of Uttarakhand, officials said on Friday.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat have expressed their grief over the loss of life.
More than two dozen people remained untraced. NDRF teams have been rushed to the affected areas and additional teams have also been kept on alert.
"As many as 25 people have been trapped in the debris following landslides in Bastia village of Kanalichhina block in Pithoragarh district. Bodies of 13 persons have been recovered by the district administration team with the help of local people," a police official said.
A cloudburst has claimed 22 lives in Uttarakhand. AFP.
"In Chamoli district, nine people have died and six others are missing," he added.
Chief Minister Harish Rawat has asked officials to camp in the affected areas and ensure that there is no dearth of ration. He also said that helicopters will be provided to ferry the injured to the hospitals. "We are saddened by the news of the deaths. A compensation of Rs two lakh has been announced for the kin of each of the deceased," Rawat said.
Meanwhile, Home Minister Singh spoke to Rawat and took stock of the situation.
"Spoke to CM U'khand Shri Harish Rawat regarding the situation post the cloud burst in the state. Centre is providing all possible assistance," Singh tweeted.
He said NDRF teams have been rushed to the areas affected by the cloudburst and additional teams of NDRF were on standby. "I am deeply pained at loss of precious lives in Uttarakhand due to flash floods. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families," he said.
Flooding has been reported in many areas of the state when the Alaknanda river rose above the danger level-mark after rainfall of up to 54 mm was received in the last 24 hours.
Officials said a cloudburst in Pithoragarh led to severe inundation in the region, causing hardship to the people. Large tracts of agricultural fields were inundated in Suva village of Dharchula area and three bridges linking the village were washed away.
The Thal-Munsyari road was cut-off and dozens of vehicles remained stranded on both sides.
The Rishikesh-Badrinath National Highway was disrupted at many places between Nandprayag and Badrinath due to landslides.  The entry of heavy vehicles was halted on the Kedarnath highway following a landslide at Gangolgaon.
All major rivers in the hilly tracts were in spate. An alert about heavy rains in the next 72 hours has been issued in Nainital, Udhamsingh Nagar, Champawat, Almora, Pauri, Haridwar, Tehri and Dehradun districts. The communication network has been severely damaged at several places.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday expressed grief over the loss of lives caused by cloudburst and heavy rain in Uttarakhand.
“I am grieved by the loss of lives caused due to cloudburst and heavy rain in parts of Uttarakhand. Condolences to bereaved families," Modi said in a statement.
"My prayers are with those injured. I hope normalcy returns to the rain-affected areas at the earliest,” the Prime Minister said.
Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar on Friday batted for preserving rivers and protecting the Himalayas in the aftermath of the Uttarakhand cloudburst . "Concerned state government and central home ministry... they are already on the job but this is why we need to preserve our rivers and we should not encroach on river belts and also preserve Himalayas," Javadekar told the media.
"As we know climate change has increased the frequency of certain events. Narendra Modi government has for the first time after Independence allotted Rs 100 crore to carry on studies of various aspects of Himalayan ecology and we have already started working on 27 projects in which all such disaster resilience and disaster prediction and all such aspects are there," he added.
Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Friday expressed grief at the loss of life and damage caused by a cloudburst in Uttarakhand's Chamoli and Pithoragarh district. "Through the day, grim news of the damage done by flash floods which has killed and greviously hurt many is of great despair and sorrow. Many people are missing is also news of serious disappointment," she said. Expressing solidarity with those who have lost their loved ones, Gandhi added: "Government of Uttarakhand has been asked to provide swift assistance for rescue and rehabilitation. The relatives of those missing should not lose hope and we firmly stand by the people of Chamoli and Pithoragarh, they remain in our prayers".

3 killed in Dhaka diplomatic zone attack, foreigners among hostages

DHAKA: As many as nine gunmen attacked a restaurant popular with foreigners in a diplomatic zone of the Bangladeshi capital on Friday night, taking dozens of hostages and exchanging gunfire with security forces, authorities and a witness said.

Two police officials are reported dead in the attacks. Bangladeshi media are putting the number of dead at three, including an Argentine national.

At least 35 people, including about 20 foreigners, were still trapped inside the restaurant, according to kitchen staffer, Sumon Reza, who was among more than 10 people who managed to run to the rooftop and escape.

He said the attackers chanted ``Allahu Akbar'' (God is Great) as they launched the attack around 9:20 p.m. Friday, initially opening fire with blanks.

A huge contingent of security forces cordoned off the area around the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka's Gulshan area. Several other wounded police officers were hospitalized after security forces exchanged fire with the attackers inside the restaurant who also hurled bombs. A local resident Lutful Amin told the AP he heard several explosions, the last of which went off around 10:45 p.m.

The head of the elite anti-crime force, Rapid Action Battalion, told reporters Friday night that they were working to save the lives of the people trapped inside the restaurant. Authorities The hostages included an unknown number of foreigners.

``Some derailed youths have entered the restaurant and launched the attack,'' Benazir Ahmed said. ``We have talked to some of the people who fled the restaurant after the attack. We want to resolve this peacefully. We are trying to talk to the attackers, we want to listen to them about what they want.''

``Some of our people have been injured. Our first priority is to save the lives of the people trapped inside,'' Ahmed said. He would not say how many people were trapped inside.

A Bangladeshi official said efforts to open negotiations with the hostage takers have been unsuccessful. 

Indian foreign ministry has, meanwhile, said that all Indian officials are safe and the Indian high commissioner is closely monitoring the situation.

In Washington, State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters: ``We are aware of reports of what appears to a hostage situation in the Gulshan neighborhood of Dhaka.''
Kirby said that all American citizens that are under the authority of the diplomatic chief of mission in Dhaka were accounted for and were not involved in the incident, but the department is still checking on private American citizens who may have been in the area

He said it was too early to say who was involved in the assault and their motivation.

Star Trek star dies in freak accident

One of the stars of the rebooted Star Trek franchise has been killed in a freak accident.
Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in the films, died when his car rolled down his driveway early Sunday and pinned the 27-year-old against a brick mailbox and fence, police and his publicist said.
Anton Yelchin in Star Trek Beyond
The incident happened at his home in Los Angeles, police officer Jenny Hosier said. He had gotten out of the vehicle momentarily, but police did not say why he was behind it when it started rolling.
Yelchin was on his way to meet friends for a rehearsal, Hosier said. When he didn’t show up, the group came to his home and found him dead.
The actor has found fame through the Star Trek franchise. Star Trek Beyond, the third film in the rebooted series, comes out in July.
Scenes from the film were shot in Dubai last year. Yelchin was among the stars who were part of the shoot, along with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban and Idris Elba.
His death was felt throughout the industry.
“What a rare and beautiful soul with his unstoppable passion for life,” Jodie Foster said. “He was equal parts serious thinker and the most fun little brother you could ever dream of.”
Yelchin co-starred in Foster’s 2011 film “The Beaver.”
“He was a ferocious movie buff who put us all to shame,” said Gabe Klinger, who directed Yelchin in the upcoming film “Porto,” likely to be released this fall. “He was watching four or five movies every night.”
Klinger said Yelchin had a particular affinity for silent films.
DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - SEPTEMBER 30: Actor Anton Yelchin attends a press conference promoting 'Star Trek Beyond' at Burj Al Arab on September 30, 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures) *** Local Caption *** Anton Yelchin

Yelchin began acting as a child, taking small roles in independent films and various television shows, such as “ER,” ”The Practice,” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” His breakout big-screen role came opposite Anthony Hopkins in 2001’s “Hearts in Atlantis.”
He transitioned into teen roles in films such as the crime thriller “Alpha Dog” and the comedy “Charlie Bartlett.” He also played a young Kyle Reese in 2009’s “Terminator Salvation.”
Yelchin, an only child, was born in Russia. His parents were professional figure skaters who moved the family to the United States when Yelchin was a baby. He briefly flirted with skating lessons, too, before discovering that he wasn’t very skilled on the ice. That led him to acting class.
“I loved the improvisation part of it the most, because it was a lot like just playing around with stuff. There was something about it that I just felt completely comfortable doing and happy doing,” Yelchin told The Associated Press in 2011 while promoting the romantic drama “Like Crazy.” He starred opposite Felicity Jones.
“(My father) still wanted me to apply to college and stuff, and I did,” Yelchin said. “But this is what I wanted.”
The discipline that Yelchin learned from his athlete parents translated into his work as an actor, which he treated with seriousness and professionalism, said Klinger, the director.
He drew on his Russian roots for his role as the heavily accented navigator Chekov in the “Star Trek” films, his most high-profile to date.
“What’s great about him is he can do anything. He’s a chameleon. He can do bigger movies or smaller, more intimate ones,” ”Like Crazy” director Drake Doremus told the AP in 2011. “There are a lot of people who can’t, who can only do one or the other. … That’s what blows my mind.”
Yelchin seemed to fit in anywhere in Hollywood. He could do big sci-fi franchises and vocal work in “The Smurfs,” while also appearing in more eccentric and artier fare, like Jim Jarmusch’s vampire film “Only Lovers Left Alive” and Jeremy Saulnier’s horror thriller “Green Room,” a cult favorite that came out earlier this year.
Klinger recalled a conversation with Jarmusch about Yelchin before Klinger cast him in “Porto.”
“Jim was like, ‘Watch out. Anton read Dostoyevsky when he was like 11 years old!'” Klinger said.
The director said that for Yelchin, every film was an opportunity to learn and study more. He admired Nicolas Cage’s laser-focus on the Paul Schrader film “Dying of the Light” and also got to work with one of his acting heroes, Willem Dafoe, on the film “Odd Thomas.”
“He used to refer to Willem as an artist, not an actor,” Klinger said. “That’s the kind of actor he aspired to be, where people didn’t regard him as an actor, they regarded him as an artist.”
Yelchin’s publicist, Jennifer Allen, confirmed his death and said his family requests privacy.