Linear Algebra



A few words about this book.

Chapter 1: Introduction

How to navigate, notation, and a recap of some math that we think you already know.

Chapter 2: Vectors

The concept of a vector is introduced, and we learn how to add and subtract vectors, and more.

Chapter 3: The Dot Product

A powerful tool that takes two vectors and produces a scalar.

Chapter 4: The Vector Product

In three-dimensional spaces you can produce a vector from two other vectors using this tool.

Chapter 5: Gaussian Elimination

Coming soon!

Chapter 6: The Matrix

Coming soon!

Chapter 7: Determinants

Coming soon!

Chapter 8: Rank

Coming soon!

Chapter 9: Linear Mappings

Coming soon!

Chapter 10: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Coming soon!

Chapter 11: Higher-Dimensional Vector Space Applications

Coming soon!

Chapter 12: Factorization

Coming soon!


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